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Ice-Cream / Milk / Cream
Sponge with detergent solution, then with ammonia; rinse and air dry. Sponge any remaining stain with
dry cleaning fluid. If stain remain, use digestant, then sponge with detergent solution and rinse.

Ink (Ballpoint)
Sponge with detergent solution; rinse. If stain remains, saturate with cheap hair spray and blot. If still
there, try alcohol, acetone, or non-oily nail polish remover and a bleach safe for the fabric, in that order. If
yellow stain remains, try rust remover.

Dry-brush to remove as much as possible. Sponge with disinfectant solution; blot. Sponge with
ammonia; rinse. Bleach with chlorine bleach if safe for fabric; if not, use hydrogen peroxide.

Scrape and blot to remove all you can. Sponge with detergent solution, then with vinegar; rinse. If stain
remains, bleach with hydrogen peroxide.

Nail Polish
Blot acetone or non-oily nail polish remover through the stain into a clean absorbent pad, test first. No
acetone or acetate, modacrylic, silk, or wool, use amyl acetate (banana oil), from a pharmacy. Flush with
dry-cleaning fluid; air dry. If stain remains, try alcohol, then hydrogen peroxide.

Absorb fresh oil with cornmeal, (kitty litter, or sawdust on concrete) then blot with paint thinner or
dry-cleaning fluid. Feather edges. If stain remains, sponge with detergent solution; rinse and feather.

If fresh, flush with either mineral spirits for oil-base paint or detergent solution for latex. If dry, carefully
soften with lacquer thinner or paint stripper (test first for fabric damage) then flush with appropriate

Pet Stains
Scrape up all the solid matter you can and blot out all liquid possible by placing a clean towel on the spot
and standing on it. Apply bacteria/enzyme digester according to directions. When dry, remove any
remaining stain with detergent solution; rinse.

Use commercial rust remover carefully observing all safety precautions. Home remedies like salt and
lemon juice are slow and not always effective.
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