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Things you should Consider When Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Determine exactly what you are looking for:
  • Someone to clean one time. (Deep Cleaning)
  • Someone to clean on a regular basis. (Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Or Monthly)

Determine your budget:
  • Note that first time cleanings are generally  the most expensive visit because the
    cleaner will have to do a "deep cleaning."
  • Regular visits will typically be less expensive to maintain your home.
  • If you like a company, don’t be afraid to share with them your budget, they may be
    able to work with you.  However, never compare a cleaning service based solely on
    cost! The cheapest isn't always the best value.

Find a service you want to use:
  • Ask friends for recommendations.
  • Visit different websites.

Does the company offer other services:
  • Inquire if the cleaning company offers other services, such as carpet, upholstery and
    window cleaning. If choosing between two companies, it may be wise to go with the
    one that offers more services. Then, when it is time to have those other services
    done, you do not have to go through the screening process again.

Request an estimate:
  • Call to set up an appointment or request a written estimate.
  • Mention your budget. (this helps to avoid scheduling an appointment with a company
    that is out of your price range)
  • Ask for references.
  • Visit website.

Ask about insurance:
  • Is your cleaning service insured or bonded?
  • A legitimate company can produce a certificate of insurance with no problem.

Bottom line, just ask questions!!!
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